Ayuryog Logo

A Stroll through Nature

Ayuryog is a combination of two vedic words – Aur from Ayurved and Yog from Yoga. Both the words are pertaining to the healing health by natural way. As the name depicts, we are presenting the natural products with a better combination of the other for the benefits of mankind. All the products produced by Ayuryog are 100% chemical free, natural & organic. Hence there is no harm or side effect of any of the products produced by us.

Our Vow

We assure the originality and purity of our natural products which help human life by giving a natural touch by healing and boosting the immunity, physical and mental health.

Feel the taste of nature

We have 100% natural & organic 6 signature products such as –
Honey: Direct from the forests of Himalayas

Garlic Honey: Natural Himalaya Honey with Garlic

Keeda Booty: A natural herbal from the lap of Himalayas

Hemp Oil: Extracted oil from hemp seeds

Hemp Seeds: A healing remedial seeds from Hemp herbs

Sugar Kill: A Thousand year old recipe for curing diabetes